How to set yourself up for success

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Wellness

Are you feeling frazzled due to the changes brought on by the pandemic? We’ve got your back and want to help set you up for success! 

Create a daily morning ritual. 

No matter what you have to do, whether you are working, working from home or not working. Create a morning ritual that gets you up and moving. We love the act of showering and getting dressed just like you normally would each day before work. 

Make sure your first meal of the day is healthy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – we’ve heard it before. So make sure that your first meal of the day has a great impact on you if it’s super healthy. Even if it’s just a green smoothie! We’ve got you covered this month with our Avocado Green Smoothie – check that recipe out! 

Do the most challenging or important task of the day first. 

Prioritize your tasks and don’t set more than you can handle! Set your list from most to least important and work through it diligently until you get it done. If you miss some of the less important things, you can re-evaluate tomorrow! 

Stick to a schedule. 

This has helped us so much! Even when you don’t have a schedule, stick to a schedule!! Create one in google calendar, Asana or any other scheduling app just to keep yourself on track. You are the only one who can really keep the procrastination bug at bay

Set time aside for play, dates and laughter. 

Enjoy this time with your pets, your family or anyone else you’re staying home with. You’ve been given the gift of time so use it wisely! 

From our OHC family to yours, stay home, stay safe and stay happy!