Frequently Asked Questions


Top Questions Asked by Members

Do you offer Corporate Memberships?

We do have Corporate Memberships at One Health Clubs. Please contact the General Manager at your Club and they will be able to provide ... read more

What do I get if I refer someone to the Club to join?

The success of our Club has been built on our Member Referrals and we like to reward our members for bringing in their friends, ... read more

Who do I speak with to put my Membership on hold?

As a member you are entitled to put your membership on hold for maximum of 3 months a year. Holds are done in month increments; 1 month read more

How do I get a Guest Pass?

We are a private Club and all guests do require an appointment so we can ensure quality service. Our Guest Fees are priced accordingly ... read more

How often do the Group Fitness Class schedules change?

Our Group Fitness schedules typically change every two to four months, with additional classes being added during our peaks months of ... read more

I’m not getting your emails and I’ve confirmed with the Front Desk that my email address is correct

If you are not receiving our emails and you have confirmed we have the correct email address, it could be one of two reasons this is ... read more

Are your classes busy?

During our busier months, January to March and the month of September, we often experience a higher than normal volume of participants. read more

Do you have WiFi available in the Club?

We do have WiFi available for our members and guests when you are in the Club. Check with the Front Desk staff to obtain the password. read more

How long in advance can I sign up for classes?

You may sign up online or through our One Health Clubs App for all classes, 48 hours in advance.  Classes open 48 hours prior to ... read more

How many towels can I use?

We ask that you please use towels responsibly and help us at One Health Clubs and do your part to conserve and protect the environment. read more

Who is the Management Team and how do I get in touch with them?

We have a great team of Managers available to assist you at One Health Clubs. Please click here to put a face to the name and should ... read more

How do I book a Squash Court?

You can reserve Squash Courts online through or by reserving through the Front Desk. If you do not have a username ... read more

How do I sign up on-line for a class?

On-line sign up for all classes can be done two ways. Through our One Health Clubs App or through our webpage. read more

Are you open on holidays?

The Clubs are open holiday hours from 7:00am-6:00pm on all statutory holidays with the exception of Christmas Day when the Clubs are closed. read more

What is your cell phone policy?

One Health Clubs’ vision is wellness. When on the workout floors, we respectfully ask that you do not carry on conversations on your ... read more

Do you offer a Nutrition Program?

YES! We have a great Nutrition Program and team of Nutritionists available to provide you with meal plans and help track your progress. read more

How often can I meet with someone to do my measurements?

Your measurements can be done at any time with one of our Health Centre Consultants when they are available. We encourage you to book a read more

Who do I contact about billing inquires?

If you have inquiries regarding your membership billing, need to make a payment and/or change your billing information on file, for the read more

Do you offer Family Membership?

Absolutely! Please contact a Membership Coordinator and they will be able to assist you. read more

How old do you have to be to join the Club?

The minimum age is 24 years old. However, we do have family plans available and youth programs that you may qualify for if you are ... read more

How do I purchase personal training or group training sessions?

Please contact your Health Centre Manager for any personal training or group training inquiries. read more

How much does a personal training session cost?

Pricing varies and is based on specific needs and type of session required. Please contact your Health Centre Manager for specific read more

Can I work out in the High Performance Training studio?

The High Performance Training studio at the Mississauga Club is primarily used for personal training clients and their trainers. We ... read more

How long is a personal training session?

A personal training session at One Health Clubs is 55 minutes to 1 hour. read more

Will a personal trainer track my progress?

Our One Health Clubs certified personal trainers will re-assess your progress every 30 days to ensure you are on the right track to ... read more

How do I reschedule/cancel a training session?

We require at least 24 hours’ notice for any cancellation or re-scheduling of a personal training session or you will be charged for ... read more

Can training sessions be for more than one person?

Yes! At One Health Clubs we offer private (one-on-one), semi-private (2 clients: 1 trainer) or group training (4-8 people). Please ... read more

I’m running low on personal training sessions, how do I get more?

Contact your trainer directly or your Health Centre Manager and they will be able to assist you. read more