Our name is also our philosophy. (And our favourite number.)

A message from the founders of One Health Clubs
– Steve daCosta and Morry Offman

We’ve enjoyed (really enjoyed!) 20 years of working together in the fitness industry. From our history and great experience in the big health club chains we have developed a philosophy, or approach, that we think is both unique and refreshing. Like all clubs we have to seek out new members, but our focus is less on getting people in the door than it is on creating an experience they’ll fall in love with once they step inside.

From day One we have tried to create a very different atmosphere within our clubs and, even as we grow, it’s something we will fight to maintain. So, what is One-ness?

For us the club begins and ends with our members. Without our membership, this would be a very lonely place! So before we make any decision we ask, “what would our members want?” And we try to act accordingly.

But it wasn’t until we started asking this next question that our idea of One-ness was really defined. And the question is, “What would our staff think?” The people who most affect our members experience are the people who work here (from 4 in the morning until late into the night!) and we can’t hope to provide a great member experience if we aren’t offering a great staff experience. So, again, we work to do just that.

Sure, we’re a business and we have to charge fees, and control expenses and make business decisions daily, but to guide those decisions we’re always thinking about the people who matter most to our business – our members and our staff – and that’s how we decide if an idea has One-ness.

If you have an idea that you think has One-ness, we’d love to hear from you. Drop Steve or Morry a line here.

Until then… hope to see you at the club.

Steve & Morry

What makes us #1?

  • Great fellow members
  • Amazing trainers and staff
  • Extraordinary services
  • Space to move (and train and rest and recover and…)
  • Inspired interior design
  • Creature comforts

One Health Clubs offers a different kind of fitness experience. Won’t you come for a tour to experience it for yourself?