Benefits of 

Pilates Reformer & Running

5 of the benefits of Pilates Reformer Training for runners are:

1. Improve breathing

Breath is a core principle of Pilates reformer Training. Runners who have good breathing technique increase the oxygenation and stamina to their diaphragm. Additionally, breathing patterns taught during a Pilates Reformer Training session can boost power, energy and efficacy

 2. Improve stability  

Stability is essential for good running technique and avoiding injury.  Strong trunk stability will keep shoulders, pelvis and spine balanced and aligned so that they can generate power through the legs in order to improve speed and endurance. Pilates Reformer Training allows for elongation and alignment of the spine, which in turn improves all aspects of stability. 

3. Improve posture

Posture is one of the key ingredients to success for runners, allowing for more efficient movement and less chance of injury. Healthy posture is dependent on a strong core.  Pilates Reformer Training develops a strong core by supporting and strengthening the muscles of the torso, hips shoulders and pelvis.

4. Improve performance

Pilates Reformer Training gives a full-body workout, which in turn improves power, strength, flexibility, endurance and efficiency. A stronger and more stable runner, who participates in Pilates Reformer Training, improves running time because they move more efficiently, decrease fatigue, and ensure the right muscles are activating when they need to be. 

5. Improve recovery and avoid injury

One of the benefits using Pilates Reformer Training for runners is the decrease with injury and increase with recovery. The focus is healthy alignment, spine, core and posture. This allows for greater balance, ensuring your movements are the most efficient for your body.


Pilates Reformer & Golf

5 of the benefits of Pilates Reformer Training for Golfers

1. Rotation

The Golf Swing is all about rotation.  The largest amount of rotation in our spine comes from the thoracic spine.  Due to the time we spend in front of our computers, phones, and iPads the thoracic spine is often very stiff.  Pilates Reformer Training focuses on thoracic spine mobility, which includes rotation. This will have a significant effect on the mobility in your golf swing.

2. Pelvis

The Golf Swing requires the ability to move the pelvis without moving the legs and vice versa.  Achieving this through the use of Pilates Reformer Training increases your ability to use the power in your legs as a solid base of support, and will allow you to drive that power into the swing. 

3. Balance

Weight transfer is an important aspect of the golf swing.  Being able to shift your weight from one leg to the other while swinging a club requires balance.  Pilates Reformer Training can help improve strength, balance, weight shift, and ultimately your swing

4. Core

Core stability and strength through the abdominal and pelvic muscles are the key to the power behind the golf swing.  Studies have found that poor core strength leads to common golfing injuries such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, elbow and wrist pain. Pilates Reformer Training helps improve your golf and prevent injuries

5. Flexibility

If your spine, hips and shoulders are restricted, you will be limited in the rotation from shoulders and hips. Pilates Reformer training focuses on dynamic flexibility which will not only helpful to improve your golf swing, but your overall physical health.


Pilates Reformer & Athletics

5 of the benefits of Pilates Reformer Training for Athletics

1. Rebalancing the body 

In general, with sports-specific programs, athletes will tend to over- use their dominant side and the same muscle groups during their training routine. The full body workout of Pilates reformer Training allows an equilibrium to be re-established in the body which can increase muscle activity and power you forward.

2. Centre of balance 

All aspects of athletics require a strong centre of balance, core strength and hip stability. The awareness of stability and strength you gain from Pilates Reformer Training allows you to generate power, even if pushed off balance. A strong core helps you stay centered.

3. Flexibility 

With decreased flexibility comes limited power, effectiveness and increased injury. Pilates Reformer Training works on strengthening while lengthening your muscles and improving flexibility. 

4. Injury prevention 

You can’t play if you’re injured! Pilates Reformer Training is recognized as one of the most effective physical rehabilitation workouts. It addresses all aspects of your body. It is an ideal way to stay injury-free during a long season, cross train, and allow for active recovery.   

5. Agility 

Athletics are not static. In order to be successful you need to be strong, balanced, mobile, and agile. Pilates Reformer Training allows you to build strength on your non-dominant side, even out your imbalances, generate more power through feet and legs. These the benefits are functionally transferable to any sport  movement. 


Pilates Reformer & Pregnancy

5 of the benefits of Pilates Reformer Training for Pregnancy

1. Pelvic floor

The basis of Pilates Reformer Training is to strengthen the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, also referred to as the Powerhouse for core stability. These exercises not only support the mother for delivery, but can also increase control of the pelvic floor

2. Reduce discomfort

Simple movements can become increasingly difficult while pregnant. As you progress through your pregnancy, muscles tend to become more relaxed which could decrease the focus on healthy posture and movements. This increases the risk of strains and pains. Pilates Reformer Training exercises focus on getting the ideal muscle strengthened and help building an understanding of how to move, as your body grows. 

3. Back pain 

Pressure placed on your back increases significantly during pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes, changes in weight, weight distribution and postural changes pregnancy back pain is common. Safely strengthening your glutes, along with your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, reduces the chance of developing back pain. Pilates Reformer Training also increases your postural and body awareness, which can decrease your chances of back pain during pregnancy. 

4. Breath

As the baby grows, it is increasingly difficult to breathe deeply. Breathing is an important part of the delivery process and labour. Controlled breathing is a core focus during. Pilates Reformer Training sessions will develop the ability to breathe deeply. This is valuable in labour and delivery as well as in overall Health and Wellbeing

 5 Postpartum

Exercise during pregnancy leads to easier deliveries, more energy and faster recovery after delivery. Pilates Reformer Training, under proper guidance, and with your doctors approval is safe for pregnant moms and their babies throughout all stages of the pregnancy. With proper modifications, Pilates Reformer Training allows all the benefits of exercising without stressing your body.