Diet & Nutrition

A big part of any fitness / wellness regimen is nutritional intake. Our certified nutritionists will work with you to devise a sensible nutritional plan that will ensure you have the fuel you need to achieve your weight and fitness goals.

Beginning her studies at the University of Guelph, Kelly Carter achieved a Bachelors degree in Applied Human Nutrition. After furthering her education at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and graduating with first class honours as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Kelly is now affiliated with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners and is recognized as a Natural Nutrition Consulting Practitioner.  Kelly believes that making small changes day-to-day is the best way to successfully obtain optimal health. Through eating whole foods, increasing physical activity and doing what makes you happy as much as possible she knows you will become empowered and take control of your health. 
Some of her accomplishments include: 
• Published in Inside Fitness Magazine, Toronto Times, Global Women and 
• Appearing as a nutrition expert on Kitchen Confessions podcast and Kelly&Company radio spot 
• Launched the Nutrition and Mindset Fat Loss Program; an integrative program focused on diet freedom 
Living a whole foods strong, healthy lifestyle that emphasizes on the prevention of disease is what Kelly focuses on. After coaching almost 1000 clients she realizes – It all comes down to what you eat, drink and what you think!
Kelly Carter

One Health Clubs Nutritionist

Understand how your body consumes and responds to sugars, fats, caffeine, gluten, lactose and more. The point is NOT to cut everything out of your diet, rather, it’s to ensure you have a balanced approach and are getting all the nutrients you need as part of a basic wellness approach!
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