Member Spotlight – Brenda Fraser

by | Mar 6, 2020 | OHC Members, One Health Clubs

My journey with One Health Clubs started a few years ago after my husband had a bad fall and he joined. I would often go with him and sit in the lobby watching people come and go and 3 months later I joined.

It was uncomfortable for me. I was 65 years old. I was severely overweight and had one knee that was arthritic and the other knee was unstable. I also had a shoulder problem. But I kept coming and got to know some of the staff and over the years I gathered quite a bit of sound nutritional information but I just wasn’t ready to make changes. I wanted to but it was hard.

About 17 months ago I was in so much pain with my knees and still felt so awkward and uncomfortable on the gym floor but I just kept coming in to do my workouts.

I knew I needed help. My husband’s trainer had been Tim and he helped him back to physical health and so when i asked Devon for a trainer he put me with him.

Something inside must have just clicked because while Tim was slowly helping me adjust to a new workout I was making changes in my eating. All that information I had accumulated from conversations by Karen and Lauren who had been the nutritionists at the gym made sense to me and I started eating differently and I have stuck with it. It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Tim with his kind nature but firm approach to my workout routine has me down 84 pounds and we are going for that 100 lb loss weigh in, that I know I can now achieve in the new year. My knees are stronger and my shoulder is working better than it was.

I’m still very shy walking onto that gym floor but the staff always makes me feel welcome and working with Tim has really helped with that.

I definitely recommend Tim Pelletterio to anyone who needs help with workout, is coming off an injury, or has a weight loss journey. Anyone of his clients that I talk to all have nothing but high praise for him

Brenda Fraser