Holding Yourself Accountable For Your Fitness Goals

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Wellness, Workout

It’s tough to stay accountable with your fitness goals. It’s really easy to make excuses to fall off the wagon and stop working out. “Oh I’ll just take the week off, it’s my birthday” we say. “Just this one cupcake”. The list goes on. If you really work on it, you can keep yourself more accountable and reach all of your goals.

Create A Schedule That Works

Scheduling is the number one reason people fall off of their goals.  We get busy with work, with family and with our day to day lives. Our self care is the first thing that we put to the side. But here’s the thing, our own self care is the most important thing. If you’re not firing on all cylinders you can’t possibly do any other tasks successfully.

Accountability Buddies

Finding a person to work out with will really help you to stay accountable and show up in the gym. Another great idea is checking out a group class. Those who train together reach their goals together.

Be Honest With Yourself

Know when you’re lying to yourself. When you feel yourself making an excuse, catch yourself and change it. You are your greatest motivator.

Create Rewards

Rewarding yourself when you reach certain goals is a great way to motivate yourself and keep yourself accountable. Now this doesn’t mean if you lose that last 10 lbs you can celebrate with a whole cake. It means that you figure out goals and rewards that compliment each other.

If you’re having trouble holding yourself accountable, we can offer that help to you! We have a full team of awesome personal trainers and other staff that can really up your workout game.

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