How To Make the Perfect Smoothie

by | May 8, 2019 | Nutrition

Spring is a time of reenergizing, coming alive, and feeling renewed! A great way to spring clean your diet is with smoothies!

Now, not all smoothies are created equal. If you’re not making your smoothie with the right balance of ingredients, you’re going to either end up hungry – as quickly as 1-2 hours later – or, they could actually cause you to gain weight…if you’re not making them right.

3 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Smoothies

Mistake #1: Too Much Fruit

Although fruit is mostly good for you, adding too much to your smoothie will increase the sugar content. The ideal amount of fruit in your smoothie is between ½ cup to 1 ½  cups, depending on your nutrition goals. You should not exceed 1 ½ cups of fruit.

Mistake #2: Not Including Fibre-ful Veggies or Protein

The more protein and fibre content the better. This will help to slow digestion of the sugars, and make you feel fuller longer. Protein in a smoothie should be no less than 15g and up to 30g; again, depending on your nutrition goals.

Mistake #3: Choosing the Wrong Liquid Base

Adding liquids, such as orange juice or apple juice, will not only add additional calories, but sugar too. Also, when choosing nut milks or coconut water, it’s best to use unsweetened.

Here Nutritionist Kelly Carter has broken down the formula for the healthiest smoothie every time.

For the Healthiest Smoothie, Follow this Formula:

Veggies – Choose 2 (or more) of the following:

• spinach   • kale  • cucumber  • celery  • beets  • sprouts

Fruit – Choose 2 (Do not exceed 1 ½ cups of fruit):

• berries  • peaches  • pineapple  • lemon  • pomegranate seeds  • mango  • banana (small)

Boosters – Choose as many as you like:

• cacao powder  • ginger  • chia seeds  • flaxseeds • bee pollen  • spirulina powder  • chlorella powder  • hemp seeds  • Vitamin C powder  • collagen

Liquid Base – Choose 1 (unsweetened):

• water  • almond milk  • cashew milk  • coconut milk  • coconut water

Sweeteners – (optional – try to get away from these ones):

• honey  • maple syrup  • agave  • stevia

You can also add a few ice cubes to the blender for a thick and frosty smoothie.

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