Member Spotlight: Sara Figueiredo

by | Jan 15, 2018 | OHC Members, One Health Clubs, Yoga

“I promised myself that the new year was going to bring big changes to my life” 

My New Year’s Resolution

Sarah Figueiredo, 25 years old, decided to make a major life change when she made the decision to join One Health Clubs in January 2016

“This was a New Year’s resolution dream of mine, I’ve tried to lose weight before and make a major life choice like this but soon failed when I couldn’t stay motivated”

“Prior to joining the gym, I played rugby, and after having a knee injury, I had no motivation for physio and ended up in a state of depression, gaining a lot of weight. Mentally, I was no position to join a gym – but I promised myself that in the new year I was going to make big changes to my life.”

Soon after joining the club, Sarah found her love for hot yoga at our Mississauga location. Starting off by going to level one classes she soon realized that she loved so many of the classes here. Yoga allowed her to express her love for movement and work on her body whilst enjoying something at her own pace. Flexibility is something she always wanted to work on, and overtime Sarah started to notice how much progress she was making.

FAST FORWARD TWO YEARS later and the results are incredible. She has lost 30 pounds, gained strength, toned up, changed her diet and remains in a regular workout regimen.

Sara F front

“My photos may not be perfect, but this is my journey, and I’m damn proud of it!”

Sara F back

“I want you to know how hard it was for me to post this photo (on Instagram). At first when I wanted to compare it to 2017 I couldn’t even find my before photos from 2016 because, yes, I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I deleted them and had to get them back from the cloud!”

Yoga has changed my life. Aside from the obvious weight loss, I have seen more dramatic changes in my body. Physically, I have better posture, more flexibility and muscle. More importantly, mentally, I sleep much better and my perspective on life is much more positive.”

“Being part of a supportive community, I have made great new friends, have integrated yoga into my everyday life. I’m proud of where I’ve come from, where I am, and where I’m going.

Dedication has been key, but finding a gym and a fitness routine I love and look forward to, means everything to me.”

“Thanks for helping make my dreams a reality. I am proud to be a member at ONE Health Clubs!”

We are excited to announce that Sarah has recently been selected as a One Health Clubs Brand Ambassador. Be sure to follow Sarah’s journey on Instagram at @figgybop