Member Spotlight – Johnny Potmesil

by | May 10, 2017 | OHC Members, One Health Clubs, Sports, Squash


Huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to One Health Clubs Member, Johnny Potmesil on capturing the Silver Medal at the 2017 Canadian Squash Championships!

The event featured over 280 players from across Canada vying for the national title in 15 categories and 5 companion event titles. This year the 2017 Championships were held at Mayfair Lakeshore and Johnny captured the silver medal in the Division II – Men’s Flight ‘B’.

When reflecting on his training leading up to the championships, Johnny had this to say…

Training is such a funny word. It is thrown around every day, so lightly and generally. It is so much more than people think. It is a way of life, a source of true happiness, a magnet for positivity that attracts great friends and people to your world.

I can’t describe my fulfillment and happiness with the achievements of this past week. To think I started out competing in my first ever amateur tournament in the “E” level at Mayfair five years ago, and now winning a Silver Medal in the Canadian Nationals is just a dream come true.

The amount of sweat, blood, work, and sacrifices I gladly made, have all paid off. So much has been learned and realized to keep building on and going forward.

Up to this point, it was always about bringing 110% physicality to the table. I’ve realized now, to go beyond everything you know and achieve your true potential, you need to develop and harness the mental aspect of it all. To be truly ready, and perform at peak level, requires steady concentration and mental focus that transcends elite physicality/fitness alone.

Never underestimate the power and resilience of the mind in sport. BELIEVE it, DEVELOP it and USE it. It will not only push you through walls or setbacks, but unlock great power in everything you do to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Put in the work, believe in yourself and use your mind!– Johnny Potmesil