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by | Sep 23, 2015 | HPTC, One Health Clubs, Workout

We are so excited about the opening of the new High Performance Training Centre at One Health Clubs Mississauga. Like our Blog post last week about Tabata Training, we would like to get our members thinking about new and exciting ways to train for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Today we will introduce you to the fun and exciting world of Strongman/Strongwoman Workouts.

What to Expect from your Strongman/Strongwoman Workout

1. Warm-ups
The sessions will typically (but not necessarily) begin with a warm-up/activation period throwing medicine balls in various ways. This is a good warm-up, and is excellent for power development (when done with maximal effort after a build-up period).

2. Workouts
Typically, a Strongman/Strongwoman workout consists of a circuit of 4-6 “Strongman/woman”-type exercises; or, potentially a circuit of 4 exercises plus a final “finisher”. These exercises might vary somewhat depending on the participants and the specific session, but typical examples would include:
i) Sledgehammer strikes/Ball slams,
ii) Dogsled/Prowler pushes,
iii) Farmers Walks/Suitcase carries,
iv) backwards sled drags,
v) some kind of weighted overhead or bear hug carry, and perhaps finishing with
vi) Battling Rope slams…or other movements for more advanced participants.
You will find these sessions to be a superb full-body workout.

Take Advantage of Introductory Sessions – You can Learn and Progress as You Go!

Introductory sessions will involve learning the proper form of each exercise and understanding and adapting to the effort involved. Rest periods will be slightly longer initially, as this kind of work is much more demanding than most individuals are accustomed to, even those with reasonable levels of strength and fitness. However, one initially adapts very quickly to these workouts, so the rest periods and/or difficulty of the exercises can become more challenging after just a few sessions.

In advanced sessions, rest periods between exercises will typically be kept to no more than one minute, although this can be adjusted depending on the goals of the participants, or the particular session. Strongman sessions can be adjusted in terms of work periods, rest periods, and weights used. They can be to be very strength-oriented or very conditioning/fat loss-oriented. A moderate level of each of these elements is typically employed; resulting in a very metabolically demanding strength workout (that is, requiring a heavy contribution from both one’s muscles and cardiovascular system).

Who Can Benefit from Strongman/Strongwoman Workouts?

These workouts are suitable for anyone from 16-60 years of age (at least!), who is medically cleared for intense exercise. Unlike in Strongman competitions, the weights used are adjusted to a suitable level for each participant! Novices are welcome! Those with “bad backs” should seek a consultation with the Instructor to determine if this will be an issue. Most exercises will not be an issue but some might have to be skipped. These workouts are typically not an issue at all for those with “bad knees” and are certainly beneficial if they can be performed without any meaningful pain. Unlike sports like soccer, basketball, squash, or Alpine skiing, the movements are generally very controlled and typically involve minimal lateral stress to the knees.

Join Us!

For those looking for a challenging, athletic workout that is different, varied, and a great source of stress relief and personal satisfaction, consider the Strongman/Strongwoman group training sessions being offered in the High Performance Training Centre. Once you try one you will be hooked! These are a perfect supplement to either your regular lifting sessions or your running/cardio workouts.

To view a video of a Strongman/Strongwoman workout at OHC click here

For more information, speak to your Personal Trainer or you can email Mark McKoy

This is true functional training!