Dance Right Through the Workout Plateau with Zumba

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Group Fitness

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” A famous sentiment indeed. Sadly, it is also applicable to so many of us; as we endeavor to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Breaking the routine of our workouts is one of the hardest aspects of fitness to master. We get comfortable pumping iron, or settling into our cardio machine. The initial results we achieve are encouraging; however, we ultimately arrive at a plateau, become discouraged, and regress. This predictable pattern leads us to our second famous (and poignant) quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Our very own Crystal Laroque has some fantastic advice for mixing up your comfortable routine and breaking through the plateau. It is time to learn from history and take a different approach.

Zumba your Way to Health

by Crystal Larocque

The dance-fitness craze… So what is it all about?

The perfect combo of fun and fitness has truly made Zumba a worldwide phenomenon. There are roughly nine styles of Zumba Classes ranging from Zumba Toning to Zumba Fitness Classes. These high energy classes create a fun, safe and effective total body workout for all ages.

Zumba was created by Colombian Dancer and Choreographer ‘Alberto Perez ‘ also known as Beto in 1990. Beto simply forgot his music and went in search of a last minute resort in his car. He came across a mixed tape with salsa and meringue music. He made a huge impact by improvising a class and using the fun, non-traditional aerobic music.

“Zumba is different than any other fitness program because most people don’t take it for the fitness benefits.”

-Alberto Pearlman (C.O.O. Of Zumba)

Zumba is a one hour dynamic heart racing, caloric-burning, body energizing class with different movements that help motivate and engage each member. Participants burn roughly 750 calories in a one hour class! Once our members try a class ~ They are in it for life!

“I love the music, the music is wonderful! I love the enthusiasm of the instructor, she is so motivating! Of course you know it’s Miriam I am talking about. She is wonderful!! Zumba is just a fun way to exercise!”

– Christel Fischer, member since 2008

If you attend one of our classes it’s like a Saturday Night Out on a Sunday Morning in the Health Club! Your Zumba instructor is on stage moving and really teaching you how to dance to the beat! Zumba instructors are constantly looking for the newest songs and the best beats!

Benefits of Zumba:

  • build strength
  • improve mood and posture
  • social time (you’ll make new friends)
  • weight loss
  • total body toning
  • it’s upbeat and fun
  • perfect stress reliever
  • greater mood and higher confidence
  • great for all ages!!

One Health Clubs offers many Zumba Classes with a variety of instructors throughout the week. Check out the schedule here.

***No experience necessary, we look forward to seeing you Zumba Your Way To Fitness & Health!!!