The Myth of Target Training…

by | Sep 6, 2014 | Group Fitness, Workout

and the Circuit Training Solution to burning fat and getting lean

by Lori Lewis

Let`s debunk the common myth of target training to reduce fat. Targeting a specific muscle can serve to strengthen said muscle. However, it cannot target the fat that surrounds the muscle. Ladies and gentlemen, 1,000 leg lifts are not going to help you slim your thighs and 1,000 crunches are not going to help you slim your waist. When you train large muscles (such as your quadriceps) your muscles cry out for energy. Unfortunately there is no direct line from the crying muscle’s cells to the fat cells surrounding them. So your liver will send energy (in the form of sugar or fat) to the crying muscle, but, the source of the energy will come from numerous other areas of your body.

The target training myth can become a discouraging stumbling block for people who want to increase their muscle definition (i.e. slim and trim their body profile) vs increase their muscle strength. Although it’s not possible to achieve a leaner definition in just one specific area or muscle group, it is very possible to increase your overall muscle definition. Doing so is simply a matter of decreasing the amount of fat on your entire body, while increasing the amount of muscle.

The Circuit Training Solution

One extremely effective method for accomplishing this balance is circuit training. This workout method involves a fast-moving strength workout that incorporates multiple muscle groups; with minimal rest between exercises. Circuit training keeps your heart rate up; burning more calories and working your cardiovascular system much more than traditional (static) targeted strength training.

Target training to reduce fat from a specific body part is a fitness concept not supported by any scientific evidence. Don’t let that discourage you, though: you can safely and realistically achieve a lean, defined body through a properly informed balanced routine of diet and exercise.

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