Racquet sport injury recovery with Athlete’s Care – Sports Medicine Centres

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Athlete's Care, One Health Clubs, Squash, Tennis

For the modern racquet-sport enthusiast, improvement in overall fitness, and the prevention of injury, should be fundamental considerations; not only in terms of helping to improve sport specific technique, but also in terms of adding greater enjoyment to their participation in their chosen sport and extending their playing career.

However, as a result of their athletic pursuits, even the best players in the world occasionally fall prey to injury. When the pros “go down”, they usually have a team of doctors, trainers and therapists to tend to their needs and get them back on the court, stronger and ready to play. For the rest of us, we usually have to fend for ourselves.

Fortunately! Here at One Health Clubs, we have the services of Athlete’s Care – Sports Medicine Centres embedded in our Mississauga and Oakville facilities.

Athlete’s Care – Sports Medicine Centres is fully staffed with a full complement of Sports MD, physio, chiropractic, acupuncture services, all experts well versed in “racquet-sport specific” injury treatment. Whether you’re dealing with elbow, rotator cuff, hamstrings, shin, Achilles, back or foot injuries (just to name a few), the trained staff at Athlete’s Care can help diagnose and treat you effectively; with the intention of getting you back to the sport you love.

If you are on the bench due to injury, make sure to take advantage of the incredible opportunity to work with the sports medicine specialists from Athlete’s Care at our Mississauga and Oakville club locations. For more information about Athlete’s Care – Sports Medicine Centres contact 905-275-0182 (Mississauga) or 905-847-4007 (Oakville) or click here for their website.