5 Great Reasons to Put Your Kids in Swimming Lessons

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Aquatics, One Health Clubs

Here at One Health Clubs, we are happiest when our members take the fullest advantage of what our clubs have to offer. This also extends to our members’ families. The following are 5 very good reasons to have your children take swim lessons at our Mississauga club’s outstanding pool facility:

1. Swim Lessons Teach Kids Lifesaving Skills

We teach everything from:
i) how to enter the water safely,
ii) general pool safety and rules; and,
iii) how to get to the edge of the water.
Your kids will learn techniques that may save a life someday.

2. Swim Lessons Calm Fears

Many children are terrified of getting their face wet or putting their head underwater. Imagine what would happen if such a child unexpectedly fell into the water? He or she would likely panic. Swim lessons will help introduce the children to the basics; from blowing bubbles on the surface of the water, to getting them used to having their face near the water, to full submersion. Spending time in the water, in a safe and supervised environment, helps the children become more comfortable and at ease with their soggy surroundings.

3. Swimming is a Great Way to Keeps Kids Active Over the Sweltering Summer Months

We have all heard the statistics about the increase in childhood obesity. What could be more fun than spending a hot summer day in the water with friends and family? All of that splashing around in the pool is great exercise!

4. Swim Lessons Help Kids Build Confidence

Helping your child to learn and master a new skill, or to overcome a fear, is great for their confidence and self-esteem. Swim lessons are often taught in stages; so, with each round, a child learns a new skill and then graduates to the next level. It’s great to hear your child say: “look what I can do!”

5. Swim Lessons Can be the Start of a New Hobby or Sport

Lessons are not a competitive event, and their purpose is not to turn your child into the next Michael Phelps… but who knows? He had to start somewhere. Swim lessons could spur a love of swimming in your child that lasts a lifetime.

One Health Clubs offers swimming lessons as part of our Summer Camp Programs. Check out our website for more details www.onehealthclubs.com or click here for our Summer Camp 2014 brochure. You can also contact Meghan McDonnell directly at mmcdonnell@onehealthclubs.com