COVID-19 Club Reopening FAQs




I put my account on freeze prior to the closure due to COVID-19. Is my account still on freeze?

If you would like your membership to remain on freeze, please call the club during business hours and we would be happy to process your request.


I only used my membership freeze due to COVID-19 and then the club closed. Do I get my freeze cycles back?

Yes.  The freeze cycles used during the closure period will be credited back to you.


Am I able to bring a friend for free on a Guest Pass?



Can I cancel my membership if I am still in-term?

Membership terms and conditions continue to apply. You may cancel your membership at the end of your membership term. If you paid in full for your membership it will be extended for the duration the club has been closed down.


Will my dues get reduced based on limited or reduced services?

No, we are reopening based on Health Canada regulations and Government of Ontario guidelines which prohibit or restrict certain services.  We expect these services to return in the fullness of time and their return will be based on evolving Government guidelines.  While these restrictions are in place, we must still maintain facilities, labour, rent and assume added costs related to cleaning and the additional equipment required to prepare for resuming services.


If you turn me away due to travel/symptoms, do I get a rebate/discount on dues?

Members who cannot enter the club due to illness or travel quarantine guidelines will be eligible for a dues rebate or discount. We ask that you email us and request a 2 week time freeze.


I am no longer an in-term member and I tried to cancel when you were closed. Do I still have to give 30 days’ notice now?

No, you do not.  The 30-day cancellation notice period is being waived for the first 30 days that the club is open.


I have prepaid for my membership, when is my new expiry date?

Memberships are non-refundable. Your expiry date will be extended to cover the time of closure.


Do you have any student offers available for the summer?

Yes. We will have a student offer available for the summer for our Oakville club only, contact the club for details.


In-Club FAQs


Is it mandatory for members to wear a mask?

It is mandatory to wear a mask while in the club. You may remove your mask during exercise, but it must be put back on when your class, cardio session or set is completed. Masks must be worn in all common areas. One Health Clubs’ position with respect to masks may change to reflect local authorities and changing health regulations.


Am I able to bring a friend for free on a Guest Pass?

We will be accepting Guest Passes.


Will you have additional staff cleaning/disinfecting high touch areas?

Absolutely!  We have altered all maintenance staff rountines as well as created addition duties for all staff that are working in the club, to be highly focused on disinfecting equipment and all high touch areas.  You will notice this as soon as you enter the facility.


Are there hand sanitizing stations that I can use?

There are multiple new hand sanitizing stations that we have installed around the club.  These touchless stations have been purchased to increased the level of safety for both our members and staff.


Are we able to share equipment with other members in between sets?

Sharing equipment with other members while performing your workout routinesis discouraged at this point in time. we will have adjusted the amount of people allowed in the club at one time, so we don’t beieve this to be an issue. Wiping down and disinfecting equipment is required between each member’s set, and physical distancing protocols are required.


How will you ensure the club is clean and safe to use?

We will have additional staff on hand, certified by EcoLab®, to carry out our new cleaning protocols including increased frequency of cleaning, electrostatic spray disinfecting between group fitness classes and at set times throughout the club, around the clock.

Our new cleaning products are the leading products used by hospitals and medical laboratories and approved by Health Canada for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). We will have specially designated Ambassadors entrance of the club and placed throughout the club to educate members on new health & safety protocols, help answer member questions and ensure protocols are observed. We have a zero-tolerance policy for those who do not comply resulting in the possible termination of membership.


COVID-19 rarely impacts children. Why isn’t the Kids club open?

For the protection of children, members, and our kids club staff, the playroom will be closed until further direction from government and industry regulators are established. Although children appear to be at a lower risk of exhibiting symptoms, they may still contract and transfer the virus unknowingly.


What will you do if you find out someone with COVID-19 was in the facility?

In the event an employee or member tests positive for COVID-19, the local Public Health facility manages contact tracing and will inform those individuals who may have been exposed to the person who has tested positive.   The club will follow the guidelines of the local public health unit and will reopen once the required cleaning is completed.


How are you screening members to make sure they don’t have COVID-19?

We will not test members for COVID-19. However, upon entry members will be required to follow new club health and safety guidelines that include questions about illness and exposure.  These new health and safety guidelines are posted at club entrances and on the One Health Clubs website. Members are also required to complete a health questionnaire prior to entry.


Why are you not taking the temperatures of people coming into the facility to ensure everyone’s safety?

Temperature taking is not required by Health Canada and does not ensure everyone’s safety.   People can be asymptomatic for 5+ days with no fever and still be contagious.

We will be checking staff temperatures daily.


Will you be restricting the number of members allowed in the club?

The number of members permitted in the club at one time will be based on the capacity limits mandated by the Ontario Government.  These limits are calculated based on maintaining the required physical distancing for member safety.  As we continue to get more clarity on these guidelines, we will determine club capacity. Currently, we are allowed to have 50% capacity in the club with physical distancing protocols.


What social distancing protocols are in place?

Social distancing protocols are mandated by the Ontario Government.  Fitness equipment will be distanced based on established government protocols (i.e. 2m/6 feet).  Group Fitness classes will also have limited capacity to meet the Government’s physical distancing protocols. Floors have been marked to provide guidance on proper social distancing protocols. You will also notice the touchless entry to the clubs.  Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out a new App, that will allow members to scan to enter the club, as well as many other new features.


In addition, specific amenities will be temporary closed until new government guidelines are established.  At present, this includes: whirlpools, Sauna, Steam Room and our Kids Club.


What if I see another member not practicing social distancing?

If a member has a concern with other members not practicing physical distancing or proper disinfecting of equipment, they should raise their concern with a One Health Clubs Staff or Manager who will respectfully and discretely address the issue with the member.


What are your policies regarding vaccinations?

We are currently following government guidelines with respect to vaccinations. 


Personal Training FAQs


How is safe physical distancing going to be maintained during personal training sessions?

We recommend that Personal Trainers choose exercises and weights that do not require excessive spotting. Personal Trainers will also observe physical distancing at all times. Trainers will wear a mask when physical distancing cannot be maintained.


Studio Fitness FAQs


What is your class etiquette? Has it changed with reopening?

Class etiquette rules still apply and will now include new safety protocols for enhanced cleaning before and after class and physical distancing. We will also be temporarily removing hard to clean and shared equipment, yoga mats, blocks, etc.


How many people will be allowed to be in classes?

Each club, studio and class may have different capacities based on square footage; however, all class attendance is limited according to protocols established by the Ontario Government and Health Canada (2 meters/6 feet). For the latest offering, schedules and to reserve your spot please check the online booking system once the club reopens.


What studios will be open?

Hot Yoga, Aqua and Spinning will not be offered right away.  For the latest offering, schedules and to reserve your spot please check our website.