Happiness On Your Own Terms

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Wellness

What is happiness? Who gets to define happiness? The truth is that you should be able to define happiness for yourself and nobody should be able to tell you what happiness is for you. 

The dictionary defines happiness as the state of being happy…which also leaves us with the question of what is the state of happiness? What makes one person happy doesn’t necessarily make another happy. So, if you’re struggling to find out what makes you happy, follow these tips: 

1) Make a list of all of the things that you like to do. This could literally be anything that makes you feel calm and collected. Playing with your pet, reading a book, working out – whatever makes you tick. 

2) This is a big one – ACTUALLY SCHEDULE TIME IN YOUR DAY TO DO THE ABOVE. In our busy lives we often forget all of the little things that actually make us feel joy. I actively schedule in joy breaks so that I still get to feel happy during my day. 

3) Don’t feel guilty for doing something that you love! Just because someone else doesn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not fun! Now this goes without saying but as long as what makes you happy is positive and doesn’t harm anyone else, have at it! 

4) Share your joy! Make sure you drag your friends and family along with you on your pursuit of happiness. They need it just as much as you do! 

Spreading the joy especially in tough times is a must! Share with us what makes you happy 🙂