The 3 BEST Late-Night Snacks

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Nutrition, Wellness

(plus one snack that may actually help you fall asleep!)

After dinner, do you find yourself watching Netflix and still reaching for cookies, chips, or ice cream?

Snacking after dinner is okay, BUT fat and salt are a bad combo; especially so close to bedtime. Plus, portion control can be difficult to manage where indulgent snacks are concerned.  What starts out as a small treat, usually turns into a binge; which is not only bad for your waistline, but also bad for your mood and digestion.

If you find yourself craving something so close to bedtime, before you head to the kitchen, ask yourself if you’re really hungry.

Perhaps you’re just bored or restless, and it’s a sign to take yourself to bed.

But If you’re truly hungry, don’t ignore your body’s signals. It can be hard to fall asleep when your tummy’s rumbling or your blood sugar is low.

Just make sure you’re choosing the right nighttime snack.

Here are 3 “Nutritionist approved” snacks.  All are nutrient dense, and will satisfy your cravings, curb your hunger, and keep you satisfied until morning.

The 3 Best Late-Night Snacks:

1. Almonds

Almonds are high in protein, fibre, as well as magnesium. The protein in almonds is highly absorbable, making it easy for the body to process its beneficial nutrients. And the magnesium may even help you fall asleep.

TIP: Avoid taking the whole bag of almonds to the couch, or to bed.  It may lead to overeating. Portion out 8-10 almonds for a healthy amount.

2. Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes are the perfect low-calorie solution, rather than reaching for the tub of ice cream. There are over 250 calories in only 1 cup of ice cream, and over 46% of that is fat.

You can enjoy 1 cup of frozen grapes at only 100 calories, and almost no fat. Since these bite-sized snacks are frozen, they’re great on hot night.  As a bonus, they take a while to eat, stretching out your snacking time.

3. Giddy YoYo Dark Chocolate

It might sound too good to be true, but all dark chocolate has some impressive health benefits. It’s naturally high in iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese.

Now before you go eating the whole Giddy YoYo bar, dark chocolate is still a high-fat, high sugar food, but they’re also a good source of fibre and protein.

It’s best to select 70% cocoa dark chocolate or higher. The darker you go, the lower the sugar content will be, and the protein and fibre content will be slightly higher.

TIP: A good portion size should not exceed 20g – this is around six small pieces or two large squares, depending on the bar.


Pistachios contain the highest melatonin content of any food.

As little as 5 grams of pistachios provide about 1mg of melatonin! 1mg of melatonin, is the equivalent to the melatonin level found in most supplements – however, the pistachios provide additional nutritional benefits as well!

All of these snacks, when consumed responsibly, will help curb your late-night cravings and keep you satisfied until morning!

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