Youth Training Program

Youth Training at ONE

Our Youth Training Programs will not only keep your kids active and fit, but teach them life skills as well. Through fitness, we can help build up their confidence, leadership and self-esteem.

Youth Training at One Health Clubs creates an atmosphere they won’t get in gym class. A camaraderie is formed between group members and there is additional team work, work ethic and motivation created.

Youth Training Schedule

Youth Training Schedule

View or download our youth training schedule.

There is training and then there is Mark McKoy. Kids are motivated and trained like true pro’s. Thank you to One Health Clubs and Mark for providing this service to our young athletes.

Jimmy F.

An extraordinary program for kids! It’s an opportunity for us big kids to help our children be the best they can be by starting with their fitness. It builds strength, confidence, resilience and most of all a winner’s mindset! Great work Mark McKoy!!!


This is the kind of program that builds confidence by having the kids achieve things they thought they couldn’t do. It’s challenging, fun, and different from anything else!


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